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Along 12 Quezon Avenue corner 7 Kitanlad St. REHUB Bldg.
1,500 sqm
FOR RENT / LEASE: Office / Commercial / Industrial - Manila Metropolitan Area > Quezon

FOR RENT / LEASE: Office / Commercial / Industrial Manila Metropolitan Area > Quezon


I. AVAILABLE FOR LEASE : A. . Realty Office Table FOR RENT REHUB Biz-Centre 1 @ Php 3,000/mo. 2 years registration minimum •Air-conditioned Office space, 1.2X0.8 sq.m. •LAN connection or WiFi •Real Property Inventory data base of more than 2000+ listing nation-wide •Association links, i.e., PAREB, REBAP, CREBA, FIABCI, PARKS, PARA, PHILRES •30%-off on seminar module offers, below •Bulletin board space for personal business posting of 1sq.m. •Shared Secretarial service, for incoming messages & pigeon hole service only •Use of the office address in the biz-card for postal repository •Website exposure on www.MyHometownRealtyDevelopment •Newsletter features, with quarterly circulation of 1,500 posts Weekly MLS exchange among Biz-Centre Members(Wed 2-5pm Limited to 30 slots only... FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.. • Optional Services: 1.Printer services in B/W or Color [Php ___/___ per page] 2.Tripping service [ charged per trip depending on distance] 3.Assistance on accreditation from different developers & banks 4.Realtor Knowledge modules (aligned with DLSU-CSB) @MyHometown in-house [Php___ / module] a.Standard 6-module package, i.e., Module 1 Real Estate Marketing & Brokerage, Module 2 Real Estate laws & Regulations, Module 3 Real Estate & Environmental Planning, Module 4 Real Estate Appraisal & Property Management, Module 5 Real Estate Appraisal & Property Development, Module 6 Real Estate Financing, Investments & Tax Holidays b.Optional per module package of 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 5.Event venue or conference/meeting rooms [chargeable per hour] 6.Local Telephone line 7.Dedicated Secretarial Service 8.Desktop computer facility [Php700/mo] 9. Locker [300/mo] B. Commercial Unit (Ground Floor & Second Floor) UNIT I FA = 106.40m2 X 350/m2/mo. PHP 38,000.00 UNIT II FA = 111.25m2 X 350/m2/mo. PHP 40,000.00 UNIT III FA = 138.40m2 X 350/m2/mo. PHP 48,000.00 UNIT IV FA = 84.515m2 X 350/m2/mo. PHP 30,000.00 C. Billboard : FULL - PHP 110,000.00 : HALF - PHP 60,000.00 Privileges : Free 1/4 Page of Advertising - My Hometown Realty and Developer Inc. Terms Of Payment: Three (3) Months Deposit/ Two (2) Advance + Post dated Check The main objective of this property hub is to centralize all real estate activities, policies, procedures and requirements in order that both parties, the buyer and the seller would be able to save time and effort in reaching a decision, however... the bottom line is security for the buyer and reasonable income for the seller. 1.0 Project Objectives 1.1 To provide a reference and guide for all stakeholders in the smooth and effective planning, set-up and management of the facilities required to put up a Real Estate Hub, a one stop business center catered to Real Estate Industry business activities. 1.2 To provide a workable project management timetable and meet the target kick-off date of December 12, 2012. ​2.0 REHUB Service Concept ​2.1 About Real Estate Hub 2.1.1 Real Estate Hub is the gate way to real estate. The Business Center provides the main and primary players that will help improve real estate experience and capability for both sellers and buyers. 2.1.2 REHUB is a full service oriented center of activity, interest, commerce, training , education, knowledge, network, and business ; a focal point around which Real Estate events will revolve. 2.1.3 REHUB was designed and formulated based on the premised of providing residential and commercial markets with property brokerage, financial services, appraisals, auctions, linking and legal services. 2.1.4 In order to stand out in a crowded market, RE HUB have to differentiate through excellent service. This quality concept begins with attention to details and understanding clients’ lifestyle needs to provide them with purchase or sale they desire. ​3.0 REHUB Service Details 3.1 Classified ads ( In-House and On-Line) 3.1.1 REHUB quest to intensify advertisement starts here. Clients are welcome to use the classified ads and maximize the benefits of having their line of products be viewed by the entire Real Estate populace. 3.1.2 This will provide a great advantage instead of just placing ad in the local newspaper or elsewhere. REHUB will also offer massive online exposure for the products. Clients are given with an opportunity to feature their products, include all selling points and surround it with tons of information. 3.1.3 A very cost effective technique to save without sacrificing the opportunity for classified ads to be viewed on a very long period at anytime and anywhere in the world. 3.2 Auction 3.2.1 Are you tired in going to a particular location in order to conduct trade? Do you want to save the cost in renting a booth or venue in order to sell stuff and just spend that hard-earned money to do the things that really matters to you? Then hop in to a new method in doing business. 3.2.2 REHUB offers Auction, a new and tested technique than the traditional auction environment. Watch how sellers are competing against the buyer price. Don’t miss the chance of having a limitless scope to offer your products to potential bidders up close and personal. 3.2,3 In REHUB auction, it doesnt matter whether you are a buyer or a seller because My HomeTown is giving the freedom to choose what is best for everyone. 3.3 Residential and Commercial Properties 3.3.1 Using REHUB, everyone will get the chance to view property profile and increases the chance of getting buyers, sellers or tenants. Considering now that less income is coming in from a down economy, marketing property needs aggressive steps to get through with in this tough time. 3.3.2 Push property to every potential buyers. Let REHUB be your solution, search a property and you can have a look at countless properties and get deals in time. 3.4 Realtor Meeting Place and Knowledge Convergence 3.4.1 Clients are invited to add thoughtful information and valuable inputs to this forum. Use this place as niche to help people with the same interest to solve the same problem that you already overcome. 3.4.2 Build relationships through your comments and ideas that can surely make a positive impact in the lives of the people you will encounter in the Real Estate community. Create among your community credibility by taking time and effort to offer recommendation and add value to the thread or conversation particularly in real estate venture. 3.4.3 On the other hand if you are looking for a solution to your problem, you are welcome to ask questions and somebody an expert in this venture will surely help you 100 percent . 3.5 REHUB Directory ( Hard Bound and On-Line) 3.5.1 Welcome to REHUB directory! Your tool to create a big exposure for your business. Increase your visibility on the community, to on-line clients across the globe without worrying that it will expire for a year or so. 3.5.2 Let the global clients feel your presence on the Internet by submitting your website links in the right category to get the right audience that you want. Promote your business globally using this cost effective method that can reach to a wide consumer group. 3.5.3 Go Global without spending a dime and without taking so much of your time. for reservation call Ms. Zyla Salonga Marketing Account Officer 412-2624/ 731-9493/ 0922-8128828

Myhometown Realy & Developer INC.
Zyla Salonga

Real Estate Company

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