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Calatagan Batangas
FOR SALE: Beach / Resort - Batangas

FOR SALE: Beach / Resort Batangas





Seaside Residential Subdivision

- Best swimming beach in Calatagan 
- 525 meters of fine white sand 
- Beach Clubhouse with swimming pool and cabanas 
- Hilltop Clubhouse with lounging cabanas and swimming pool overlooking Calatagan coastline 
- Central Park 
- Ampitheater Park 
Bamboo Park 
- Village Reception/ Administration Building 
Proposed Leisure-Commercial Tourism Development

- Welcome Pavilion/ Tourism Information Center 
- Hotel Accommodations 
- Resort Facilities 
- Beachfront Promenade 
- Condominium Apartments 
- Restaurants and Retail Shops 
- Events Lawn 


Build your beach home in Playa Calatagan! Located in Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan Batangas, this development boasts of residential lots that have access to beautiful amenities as well as a commercial area that will be sprinkled with shops, restos and resorts. Lots range from 250sqm and up and prices are from 1.5M up to 7M. Below are photos as well as a computations of lot options that you may consider.
Village Amenities
Beach Clubhouse 
Hilltop Clubhouse (With pool)
Central Park 
Amphitheater park 
Bamboo park 
Village Reception 

Awesome Easy On The Pocket Promo Payment Terms at only P 11,875/month!
An enclave where you can bask under the sun in the privacy of your very own pocket of paradise, let Playa Calatagan be your escape to rejuvenate.

Own a seaside residential lot in Playa Calatagan, located at Brgy Sta. Ana Calatagan Batangas. 

Beach Property for Sale
For as low as P17,500/month

Best swimming beach in Calatagan
• 525 meters of fine white sand
• Accessibility to nearby landmarks
- Lago de oro
- Punta Baluarte 
• 72.6km from Tagaytay Rotunda
• Excellent views of the West Philippine Sea
• Rolling to gradually sloping terrain


• Beach clubhouse
• Bamboo park
• Amphitheater park
• Central park
• Hilltop clubhouse


NOTE: Price may change without prior notice!

 Is it possible for any person to avail and make use of Playa  Calatagan Clubhouse and its facilities?
 The amenities in Playa Calatagan Residential  are exclusively for the use of the lot owners and their guests. 

If I buy a lot now, when may I build a house on my  lot?
 Landco will announce when a particular phase  is already ready for house construction. On the part of the buyer, he or she  must have already paid at least 50% of the Total Contract Price of their  property. Lot owners who have paid more than 50% of the contract price may  contact our site administrator for the House Construction Guidelines and  Requirements.
Will the development have an architectural   theme?
 Yes. An Asian Tropical theme will be  implemented in the development. All houses shall comply with the Deed of  Restriction and have the same architectural design for a consistent  look.
Is the subdivision secure enough?
 Playa Calatagan is a gated community and will  have its own security service. 

 When can you provide for the Transfer Certificate of  Title?
 Once you have fully paid the property and  forwarded to us your payment for taxes and processing fees, we will be able to  give you all the documents after a minimum of six months.

 Will you charge associations dues to  lot/homeowners?
Yes there will be Association dues which will  be used to maintain the common areas and amenities of the Village. This shall  also be utilized to pay for the other expenses incurred in providing security  and the other basic services of the village. Dues will be charged once the  village association is already formed. A lot owner automatically becomes a  member upon 30% payment of the Net Contract Price of the lot.
 I am working abroad, how I can pay my monthly  amortization?
 For your convenience, you should open a local peso current/ checking account  and issue post-dated checks payable to Landco Pacific Corporations payment for 
your scheduled amortization. Or, you can execute a Special Power of Attorney  (SPA) authorizing your relative who is living in the Philippines to pay your 
monthly amortization and to act in your behalf. Wire transfer is also possible but you must inform our Customer Relations Department if you opt to 
use this kind of transaction.
  We can also have your receipts photocopied and mailed to you for record  purposes until such time that you are able to retrieve them personally from our 
office upon your arrival.
 Can Filipinos who have assumed foreign   citizenship own a  property in Playa Calatagan?
 Yes. Batas Pambansa Blg. 185 state that any    natural born person of Philippine descent, who has lost and changed their    Philippine citizenship, can still own and acquire real estate properties in    the country within certain limitations.
I am a Filipina with a foreign husband, how can   I own a lot in  Playa Calatagan?
 You can readily own a lot at Playa Calatagan    with the property under your name. By virtue of your marriage to a foreigner,    his name shall also be included on the contracts with some certain    limitations.

Requirements Needed:

Please submit the following requirements for the processing of the Contract to Sell and Deed of Absolute Sale.

To be submitted upon reservation:
1.       Signed Reservation Agreement in 5 copies
2.       Signed preferred payment scheme in 5 copies
3.       Fully accomplished Buyer’s Information Sheet with recent 2X2 photo
4.       Photocopy of Valid ID
5.       Check / details of wire transfer payment of reservation fee
To be submitted before the execution of Contract to Sell and Deed of Absolute Sale :
1.       Photocopy of Marriage Contract, if applicable
2.       For Filipino buyers married to a foreigner, three (3) original and notarized copies (notarized and consularized if accomplished abroad) of an affidavit executed by the foreigner-spouse, which states that the funds used to buy the lot was generated completely from the paraphernal funds of the wife-buyer or from the capital assets of the husband-buyer 
3.       Certified true copies of Certificate of Finality of the court order granting the separation of properties, if married buyer wants to attest to the separation of properties between him/herself and his/her spouse
4.       Certified true copies Certificate of Finality of the court order granting the legal separation or annulment or declaring the marriage as null and void, if buyer is legally separated or his/her marriage has been annulled or declared null and void
5.       Certificate of Finality of the court order appointing buyer as guardian if he/she wants the property to be named under the name/s of his/her children who are minors
6.       Certificate of Employment 
7.       Photocopy of last three (3) months’ credit card statement
8.       Photocopy of Community Tax Certificate
9.       Photocopy of BIR Form 1904 – 
Taxpayer’s Record Update or Tax Identification Number (TIN) Card
1.     Three (3) original and notarized copies (notarized and consularized if accomplished abroad) of Affidavit of Citizenship if buyer is a natural-born Filipino who lost his/her Philippine citizenship. The affidavit should state the following information:
·         Date and place of birth
·         Parents’ names and address/es
·         Date and place where Philippine citizenship was lost
·         Current citizenship
·         Names of spouse and children, if any
·         Landholdings in the Philippines , if any (please state the area, location and mode of acquisition)
·         Expressed intention to reside permanently in the Philippines
2.       Three (3) original and notarized copies or notarized and consularized Special Power of Attorney, if transacting through an Attorney-In-Fact
3.       Photocopy of passport (including spouses, if any) 
1.       Photocopy of BIR Form 1903 – Taxpayer’ Record Update OR Tax Identification Number (TIN) Card
2.       Photocopy of passport/s of foreign authorized signatory/ies of Corporate-buyer or Filipino representative/s not based in the Philippines .
3.       Two (2) certified true copies of SEC Certificate of Registration
4.       Two (2) certified true copies of Articles of Incorporation as registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission
5.       Two (2) certified true copies of By-laws as registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission
6.       Two (2) original and notarized copies of the Resolution of the Board of Directors/ Governors, Trustees or a Secretary’s Certificate authorizing the purchase, and the appointment of the authorized director/s or official/s to negotiate and sign documents on behalf of the corporation.  Please state the property details such as project name, location, block and lot/ unit number, area, price and the terms of payment
7.       Two (2) original and notarized copies of a certification under oath executed by the Corporate Secretary or Treasurer of the Corporation which attests that 60% or more of the outstanding capital stock is owned by Filipino/s.
8.        Photocopy of Community Tax Certificate of the Corporation and authorized signatory/ies


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