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Listing ID: 94714

Coronado St., Brgy. Hulo Manadaluyong City near Makati Ave.
28.000 m2
FOR SALE: Apartment / Condo / Townhouse - Manila Metropolitan Area > Mandaluyong

FOR SALE: Apartment / Condo / Townhouse Manila Metropolitan Area > Mandaluyong
FOR SALE: Apartment / Condo / Townhouse Manila Metropolitan Area > Mandaluyong 0 FOR SALE: Apartment / Condo / Townhouse Manila Metropolitan Area > Mandaluyong 1 FOR SALE: Apartment / Condo / Townhouse Manila Metropolitan Area > Mandaluyong 2 FOR SALE: Apartment / Condo / Townhouse Manila Metropolitan Area > Mandaluyong 3 FOR SALE: Apartment / Condo / Townhouse Manila Metropolitan Area > Mandaluyong 4



Acqua Iguazu
yoo inspired by Starck

Acqua Iguazu by yoo inspired by Starck is literally rising a bridge away from all the conveniences and attractions of the Makati Central Business District. Just minutes from top schools, the best shopping malls, five star hotels, corporate offices of the nation's top companies, and Makati's exclusive subdivisions.

Screen shot 2012-11-09 at 6.46.45 PM

The Amenities: Cielo

An exclusive sky deck by yoo

Cielo - The Wonder Bar and Library

The Wonder Bar is located on the first level of Cielo and will be a favourite area for residents to converge in. Guests are invited to enjoy the light, clean and tranquil space of this unique architectural fusion of an indoor/outdoor library during the day and a glamorous cocktail bar at night. With majestic views of the mighty Pasig River down below and yoo inspired by Starck’s iconic “statement sun” that transforms into the “luminous moon” when darkness falls, The Wonder Bar will be an enchanting place to be anytime of the day or night.
                                                              Cielo (Day)                                                                   Cielo at day
  Cielo (Night)   
cielo at night




Cielo - Dining Area

Cielo’s top floor provides residents with a truly magnificent dining area, which can be booked privately or used communally. The design of this space evokes a minimal yet delicate mood whilst the statement sun/ luminous moon adds a truly iconic character to the space. The reflection of the suspended moon on a textured mirror amplifies the dreamy feel of the deck. Living walls and vertical landscaping are introduced in several parts of the area to resonate Acqua Private Residences’ general theme of bringing a tropical rainforest into the city. And above the dining room is a cut out in the ceiling of one of Starck’s favourite quotes from “Le Petit Prince” revealing itself in the moonlight. 
 dining area

Cielo - The Movie Room

For the ultimate in decadent home living, the second floor of Cielo will be home to a resident’s movie room. This private home theatre is designed to provide full comfort for the residents. Luxuriously sumptuous, hand selected furnishings create an ideal space to enjoy movies of your choice from an extensive media library provided. The imposing black and white image on the ceiling is yoo inspired by Starck’s way of evoking the old world charm of the black and white films from the golden age of cinema.
movie room

Cielo - The Pool

A grand and awe-inspiring multi-level waterfall drops into the calm and refreshing pool, exclusive to Iguazu’s residents. The design of this space is again minimal to accentuate the resounding presence of the waterfall as well as the signature yoo inspired by Starck poolside lounge - including the designer’s iconic floating chairs seemingly residing on the water’s surface.
the pool

Cielo - The Lobby

A focus for all yoo inspired by Starck’s projects is the skill and process of designing the lobby, and Iguazu’s process was no exception. The long narrow room provided a natural aesthetic in which three frames funnel and exaggerate the length of the room, while providing an interesting focal point to which the eye is drawn. Flowing on is the building’s reception, using as a backdrop a sculptural representation of the moon, echoing that of Cielo’s. Following the same design principle as this sky deck, the ceiling of the lobby also holds a quote from the French book “Le Petit Prince”.
the lobby


Interior Inspirations - Minimal

white, empty space, simple, pure, concrete, function, water, air, glass, smooth, clean, hard, shell, form

The spirit of Minimal is clean and calm – a modern edge, incorporating glass, metal, concrete and neutral colours allowing for the mind to find space, to meditate and consider.

Minimal is ideal for those who want to add their own layers and ideas. It can work as a simple start in deciding how you want to live - an almost blank canvas where you can gradually add objects to reflect your tastes and personality. 

Interior Inspirations - Nature

raw leather, stone, wood, linen, cotton, beech, beach, alvar aalto, alps, fjords, fur trees, leaf, bark, weathered paint, rainwater, lake, sailboat, rope, made by hand, wind swept, sea shells, pebbles, simple life, driftwood, green, brown, free, wild, grass, sky, flowers, hippy

The nature palette is for those who love to live with fresh air, blue sky, the smell of rising sun, purity and simplicity. This style draws its inspiration from the widespread and deeply-rooted desire of city dwellers to bring nature into the urban environment. The colours and materials are drawn from a gentle spectrum of natural hues: pale, sun and sea bleached wood, and sand and pebble-grey mixed with soft green.

Interior Inspirations - Culture

pompidaou, andy warhol, mini cooper, movie, artifice, jewellery, media, explosion, neon lights, baroque colour, the stuff that surrounds you, gilded and grounded, flea market, eccentric, wallpaper, well-travelled, pattern, collector, diverse, open, original, autonomous, surprising, global, fantasy, emotion, exotic, mao tse tung

Culture encapsulates yoo’s passion for appropriating the most beautiful and exquisitely produced objects and ideas from the past, and placing them alongside the most amazing designs of today. The result is an intriguing mix with a captivating tension. Rooted in richness and boldness, the Culture palette has a powerful sense of history, but is always looking forward. 

The Views

"Enjoy fantastic views of Makati City from an unparalleled vantage point. From the early hues of an urban sunrise to a blanket of lights that engulfs the city come sundown, Iguazu overlooks a daily cityscape that mesmerizes the soul. "
Screen shot 2012-11-12 at 9.31.18 PM       Screen shot 2012-11-12 at 9.30.59 PM
Screen shot 2012-11-12 at 9.30.25 PM


Century Properties Inc. / ETII
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