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Portofino, Alabang
7 Million plus to 50 Million plus
141 SqMts to 625 Sq Mts
FOR SALE: House - Manila Metropolitan Area > Muntinlupa

FOR SALE: House Manila Metropolitan Area > Muntinlupa
FOR SALE: House Manila Metropolitan Area > Muntinlupa 0 FOR SALE: House Manila Metropolitan Area > Muntinlupa 1 FOR SALE: House Manila Metropolitan Area > Muntinlupa 2 FOR SALE: House Manila Metropolitan Area > Muntinlupa 3


Total Brand Positioning Statement
“Who am I, Portofino?”
*Where do I come from? (Origins and History)
*I was conceived and developed by Brittany Corporation, a maverick real estate developer, now known for its uniquely-themed and master-planned communities.
*I am located near a bustling and upscale location south of Makati –  called Alabang, known for being an enclave of the rich and famous.
*I was started when there was no major road network to speak of until now. (Today, where I am now, the place is fast turning into a gateway to the south and the west. This is indeed a tribute to the foresight of Brittany.)
*What do I do? (Field of Competence)
*Behind the resources of my mother company, I am transforming 135 hectares of prime land into a charming and elegant Italian village, amidst panoramic landscapes and lush nature parks cradled by a river.
*What makes me different? (Point of Difference)
*I am located on Daang Hari, a major road network that connects to 4 towns in the south and west
*While there may be others claiming to be Italian-themed as well, my development hews closely to the character of Italy, even bearing an uncanny resemblance to that country’s topography when my property is seen from above.
*What makes me different? (Point of Difference)
*While there may be a lot of real estate property developments claiming to be Italian-inspired, Portofino goes beyond the inspiration; it executes the theme with the kind of passion even Italians are known for.
*Who am I for? (The Imagined Customer)
*I appeal to people who have reached a level of success in their lives: be it reaching the top of the corporate ladder or financial stability; perhaps a thriving business, or consultancy. They have been to different parts of the world --- particularly Europe --- and are greatly influenced by the lifestyles of those major cities.
*Among investors (to a certain extent, speculators), I am a prime investment opportunity. They see how my value has appreciated in the last few years.
*But most of all, I appeal to those with a passion for life, a passion for all that is elegant, charming and majestic. They are attracted to the Italian character of my property: the architecture, the landscape, the values I uphold.
*What am I like as a Person? (Personality)
*I have good taste and this is evident throughout my property: the elegance of my architectural designs, the warmth of my colors, the charm of my gardens.
*I am passionate about life. Very Italian one might say.
*I value my family and I will work hard to make sure that they have a good life --- secure, stable.
*Most important of all, I am a God-fearing person and this is reflected in my values and beliefs.
*What do I fight for? (Mission or Fight)
*The right of everyone to have an elegant and charming place that speaks well of his stature in life.
*What do I value? (What the Brand stands for)
*I stand for everything that Italy is, or Italians are known for:
The passion of the Italians
It’s the passion for life, for living
It’s the love for good living
It’s the love for strong family ties
The principles of Italian Design:
Good Taste
Quality Craftsmanship
Beauty and Health
Family & Security
*Strategic Concept
Brittany’s Italian Masterpiece.
Portofino is conceived and executed in the tradition of the magnificent design and architecture Italy is known for: the attention to details, the elegance and the charm of the architecture, the quality of the craftsmanship, the creativity.
Brittany Corporation
susan ab. labao

the only developer in the country that creates world class residences, and has its thematic concept in his artchitectural designs and specs.

Address: 1504-A Richville Corporate Tower, Madrigal Buss.Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Email: Send An Email
Mobile: +63-905-810-3918
Webpage: www.societylifescape.multiply.com
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