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Scout Bayoran corner Scout Tuazon in South Triangle Quezon City
FOR SALE: Apartment / Condo / Townhouse - Manila Metropolitan Area > Quezon




Bayo Condotel & Suites

Bayo Condotel & Suites Scout Bayoran, Quezon City 

  • Bayo Condotel & Suites is the most affordable condo hotel in Quezon City
  • Bayo Condotel & Suites is a 12 Storey Building plus the penthouse level.
  • The proposed development has 9 Commercial Units at the Ground Floor, 140 Residential Units & 60 condotel units with 189 parking slots located at Basement 1, 2, Ground and Second level.
  • STRATEGIC LOCATION: Bayo Condotel & Suites is located along Scout Bayoran corner Scout Tuazon in South Triangle Quezon City.

Proximity to:

TV Stations




GMA Networ



Educational Institutions

st mary



Saint Mary College Paref Northfield STI




Miriam College Ateneo De Manila  University of Philippines-Diliman



st paul


Saint Paul the Apostle Church
Bread of Life Crossroads


Medical Institutions



heart center

east avenue

Capitol Medical Center Philippine Heart Center East Avenue Medical Center


st luke

Veteran Memorial Medical Center Saint Luke Medical Center


Commercial Establishments  




SM North EDSA Trinoma 

Crossing Department Store



DO you want a condo unit located at the heart of a busy Quezon City that almost pays for the entire monthly mortgage for you?

Or a condo unit that can serve as a serve as your retirement income?
Or simply, how would you want to be a hotel-part owner?

Bayo Condotel & Suites

Got you interested? Then read on.

With today’s fast paced life, people hardly have the time to relax.  Philproperties Corporation introduced a unique selling proposition with benefits fit for today’s lifestyle.

One may ask, hotel amenities? Imagine a unit in a hotel - the facilities, the furnishings, the services. Now, imagine that hotel unit, as yours, complete with the facilities, the furnishings and the services.

After a long day of work, we deserve to be treated as king or queens. At Bayo Condotel, you have a place to rest comfortably right at the heart of a busy city, near work, near play, and you can eat at the best dining and fine dining along Tomas Morato and Timog.

Bayo Condotel & Suites

Now, how does one earn through their own condo unit? Or even serve as a retirement income?

The usual full service hotel rate in Quezon City is around $50 or P2, 400/day. Taking the Quezon City rate, a month’s stay in the room can cost around P72, 000.

But taking into account that this might not be filled the entire month, used a 50 percent occupancy rate, or P36, 000/month.

Since most of the people are either working abroad or have other houses, they can use the condo to be rented out. Meaning, they allow the hotel to manage their units and allow it to be rented.

For a measly 50-50 sharing, a unit owner can receive P18, 000/ month at a 50 percent occupancy rate.

Imagine if the occupancy goes higher.

 The money is enough to almost pay the monthly amortization or serve as an additional income, if the unit is already fully paid.

One type of condotel buyer is someone seeking a vacation place, but due to the limited amount of time they anticipate being able to spend there, buying a traditional condominium would not seem an economically sensible investment.

Another condotel purchaser is just too busy to focus time and attention on the maintenance and upkeep of another property, but sees the benefit of having professionals manage their property while still having the ability to use the property when they choose, and appreciates an investment with the ability to offset expenses through the rental program.

Buyers are treated as guests, and able to enjoy amenities such as room service, courtesy daily room cleaning, as well as typical condo amenities such as an onsite tennis courts, pool, fitness center and game room.

 Bayo Condotel is strategically located along Scout Bayoran corner Tuason St., Quezon City, near both the Kapamilya ABS-CBN, Kapuso GMA Network and Camelot Hotel, the facility boasts of being tagged as the - The Most Affordable Condotel at the heart of Quezon City.

How to get there? It is easily accessible to all major roads and transportation such as Edsa and Quezon Avenue and the Metro Rail Transit.

Bayo Condotel & Suites is a 12-storey Building plus the penthouse level. It has 9 Commercial Units at the Ground Floor, 140 Residential Units & 60 condotel units with ample parking slots located at Basement, Ground and Second level.

Bayo Condotel & Suites location

For students, the condotel is also close to popular educational institutions such as: St. Mary’s College; Paref Northfield; STI; Miriam College; Ateneo De Manila University; University of the Philippines-Diliman.

For those who are health conscious or emergency cases, it is also near hospitals such as: St. Luke's Medical Center; Capitol Medical Center; Philippine Heart Center; East Avenue Medical Center; Veteran Memorial Medical Center.

And of course, areas of play, entertainment and shopping: Trinoma; SM North EDSA; Crossings Department Store Quezon Avenue, the National Book store are just within reach.

 Bayo Condotel boasts of hotel like facilities such as Main Lobby/Grand Entrance; Promenade area; Computerized high-speed elevators; Fitness Gym; Penthouse Multi-purpose Hall; Wi-Fi ready; Entertainment Room; and Laundry service, all for the comfort of unit owners.

Bayo Condotel & Suites    Bayo Condotel & Suites  

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Main Lobby/Grand Entrance
  • Promenade area
  • Computerized high-speed elevators
  • Fitness Gym
  • Penthouse Multi-purpose Hall
  • Wi-Fi ready
  • Entertainment Room
  • Laundry service
  • Lounge/Open-Air function room
  • Grand entrance
  • Garbage collection facilities
  • Convenience store
  • Swimming pool
  • Waste water treatment disposal system
  • Building lightning arrester
  • 24-hour Security
  • Electronic Security door lock

bayo condotel gym

bayo condotel swimming pool

bayo condotel bar





Bayo Condotel & Suites

bayo flat unit

A. Flat Units
*1 Bedroom-28.72 sqm
*Exec. 1 Bedroom-33.75 sqm
*2 Bedroom-49.25-76.43 sqm
*3 Bedroom-108.80 sqm

Bayo Condotel & Suites

bayo loft unit

B. Loft Units
*2 Bedroom-56.73 sqm
*3 Bedroom-72.23-113.68 sqm
*4 Bedroom-165.43 sqm


Bayo Unit Finishes
Bayo Unit Finishes



Bayo Condotel boasts of hotel like facilities such as Main Lobby/Grand Entrance; Promenade area; Computerized high-speed elevators; Fitness Gym; Penthouse Multi-purpose Hall; Wi-Fi ready; Entertainment Room; and Laundry service, all for the comfort of unit owners.



1 BR Condotel Unit
Unit Area: 28.72 sqm 
Total Investment Value:     
Php. 1,625,552
20% Initial Investment:
Php.    325,110
Additional: Furnishings @ P8,500/sqm:            
Php.    244,120
Less: Reservation Fee:                
Php.     20,000
36 Monthly Investments:
Php.     15,526
80% Balance thru bank financing (indicative rate):
Php. 1,300,442
 5 years @ 10.25%:    
Php.       27,791
10 years @ 11.00%:
Php.       17,914
15 years @ 11.50%:
Php.       15,192



  1. At Bayo Condotel you own a specific Condotel Unit and have Condominium Certificate of Title in your name once it is fully paid.
  1. Bayo Condotel Owner will get a 30-day FREE stay benefit commences at the start of every fiscal year. This will be distributed to the Unit Owner in terms of certificates where they are entitled to priority in booking even on peak seasons provided the availing of the 30-day FREE stay is exercised and availed of by negotiating in advance the use of the unit.
  1. Bayo Condotel Owner may use his 30-day FREE stay for more than one unit at the same duration, provided that it would be the same unit type. For example, if an owner will stay in the condotel for a week and he will rent another unit for his family or friend, he will consume a total of 14 days for the week chargeable to his 30-day FREE stay.
  1. If the usage will exceed 30 days, they will have to pay the member’s rate which is 30% discount from the regular rate.
  1. If the Condotel Owner was not able to use the 30-day FREE stay benefit. Subject to 2 months prior notice before expiry, the unused 30-day FREE stay maybe transfer/authorized his friends or relatives to use it.  Advance booking and registration is required subject to the availability of room units.
  1. While the condotel is under construction, Buyers who pave paid the units and have a with 30-day FREE benefits may avail it at Sir William’s Hotel located at No. 39 Timog Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City on a pro-rata basis as follows:
a. 100% payment – 30 days free c. 30% payment – 7 days free
                        b.   50% payment – 15 days free d. 20% payment – 5 days free
  1. If the Condotel Owner does not use his FREE stays on peak season, he will receive a bonus on those days equivalent to room rate difference on regular days.
  1. Bayo Condotel  Owner can upgrade his FREE stay to different Unit category, provided that he has to pay the difference in room rates. 
  1. Bayo Condotel Owner will receive an income from the Hotel operation.
  1. In order to maximize returns and ensure cost efficiency for Condotel Owner, only room revenues and room divisions related expenses are considered in the determination of income such as housekeeping, laundry, front office, security, repairs and maintenance, utility, taxes and insurance attributable only to the units. Food and Beverages (F&B) and its related expenses as F&B personnel, kitchen equipment, supplies, utilities, taxes and insurance are treated separately from and independent of the room divisions expenses of each Condotel units. This setup assures the Condotel Owners a cost efficient operation as room related expenses are easily controlled and managed.
  1. Dividends shall be payable quarterly in checks to be mailed or paid directly to the bank accounts of Condotel Owners.
  1. Bayo Condotel Owners will still receive quarterly income based on the type of unit regardless of whether the unit was rented or not. Hotel operator will pool together its entire total income from rental operations and distribute this to the Condotel Owners as dividends according to the pro-rata percentage sharing on unit types. Income will come from room revenue less room division expenses.
  1. BayoCondotel Owners can not live in their property full time. Condotel is for Investors Only. Condotel Owners are required to enroll in the Condotel Operations for a minimum of ten (10) years with further option available to the operator which he is likely to invoke to extend the term on expiry subject to mutual agreement as per majority vote of the Unit Owners Association.
  1. Sir William’s Hotel will be the Hotel Operator to manage the Condotel and to provide financial, operational and property management of the Condotel Units. 
  1. Hotel Operator will receive 50% shares on the gross income of the Condotel.
  1. As a premium responsibility to the Hotel Operator, if total expenses do not exceed 30% of net sales, which shall result in a 50% gross operating profit before income tax, an additional 3% of net income will be given as a bonus to the Hotel Operator.
  1. Minor and major repairs are shouldered by the Hotel Operator and chargeable to and part of the operating cost covered in the estimated 50% Hotel Operator’s share.
  1. All “Bayo Condotel & Suits” Unit Owners are automatically members of the Condominium Association and pay association dues but for Condotel Owners, Condominium Association Dues are charge to the Hotel Operator and part of the operating cost covered in the estimated 50% Hotel Operator’s Share.
  1. The Condotel Owners will pay their INSURANCE PREMIUM share to the Condominium Association.
  1. Upon operation of the Condotel, investors will receive percentage of income.


Investment Opportunity

Condotel :

Full Service Hotel Rate
Makati City & Ortigas Center
Php. 5,000/day ($100)
Quezon City
Php. 2,400/day ($ 50)
At Php. 2,400/day X 30 days= Php. 72,000/month
At 50% Occupancy Rate=       Php. 36,000/month
Income Sharing
50%--Unit Owner
50%--Hotel Operator

Return of Investment

Present Value of 1 Bedroom Condotel Unit (28.72 sqm): Php. 1,863,928(including furnishings)
10-year Resale Value Projection: Php. 4,000,000

Initial Investment:
Reservation:                                  Php.    20,000
Down & Furnishings in 36 months:             15,256/month
Total Investment for 36 months:      Php. 568,082

                                10-year Resale Value Projection:      Php. 4,000,000

                                Less: Initial Investment:                   Php.   568,082
                                Return of Investment:                      Php. 3,431,918


Interested homebuyers, investors who wants to have a rental income and agents (part time or full time), may visit Philproperties office at : Suite 938 City & Land MegaPLaza Bldg., ADB Ave. corner Garnet Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig City( behind Robinson's Galleria).

Or the SITE office located on Scout  Bayoran St. corner Scout Tuazon St. ( Near ABS CBN , Big Brother House " Bahay ni Kuya" and Camelot Hotel.



Pablito "Lito" E. Aleman
Landline #: 632-4964464
Mobile # :63-9287257395 / 63-9235026328
Website: http://pea2958.sulit.com.ph
Email Add: litoaleman@yahoo.com

Royale Homes Marketing Corporation
Pablito Aleman

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