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Listing ID: 78495

Carmona Estates, Barangay Lantic, Carmona, Cavite
40 square meters
FOR SALE: House - Cavite

FOR SALE: House Cavite



Don’t miss this opportunity! Now’s the time to buy your house!

HOUSE FOR SALE 2Storey Detached 3BR Cypress Carmona Estates Cavite near Alabang.  No Minimum Salary Requirement, Guaranteed Pagibig Loan Approval.  Beautiful 2-Storey 3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Cypress Model @ Cedar Residences located in Carmona Estates, just 15 mnutes away from Metropolis Starmall .  House is complete finish with wall partition, ceiling, electrical outlets, concrete floor slabs on second floor, painted finish on outside & inside walls.

Hurry!  Very few units left.  Next unit available will be higher

Townhouse Information

Selling Price:   Php 750,000.00 (house and lot package)
Model Name: Cypress
Village Name:  Cedar Village
Village Location:  Carmona Estates, Carmona, Cavite
House Type:  Townhouse (There are 11 townhouses per one cluster)
Average Lot Sizes:  40 square meters (4 x 10 meters)
Average House Area:  40 square meters (4 x 10 meters)
Floors:  2 Storey
Bedrooms:  3 (1 Bedroom in Ground Floor & 2 Bedroom in Second floor)
Bathrooms:  1 Toilet & bath (second floor)  
Finishing of Cypress Townhouse:  

  • All bedrooms has concrete wall divider or partition. With ceiling, electrical outlets & paint finish
  •  Pre-painted Long span roofing
  • Paint finish exterior and interior walls
  • Concrete floor slabs on second floor
  • Tiled countertop kitchen with stainless sink
  • All toilet and bath has floor and wall tiles, complete ceramic fixtures like shower, bowl & lavator
Townhouse Description

  Located just 5 minutes from the Waltermart and Carmona public market, 
  Carmona Estates is one of the most   common destination of house viewing 
  among wise house buyers today.  With the completion of the Skyway on 
  May 2011, travel time from Makati will be only 15 minutes.  
  More info

  Price is very affordable. You will never see this kind of price from other 
  housing projects. It's the same amount as you're renting.  Secondly, 
  the house has spacious bedroom in a calm & safe neighborhood. 
This Cypress townhouse is a two storey, 3 bedroom 1 bathroom with 1 car garage.  There are 11 units in one cluster.  These are all brandnew, new construction with concrete (not plywood or wood) wall partition on all bedrooms, with painted ceiling, painted finish (2 coatings) on all walls inside and outside. Toilet has tiles and painted and with shower and ceramic lavatory fixtures.  Kitchen countertop is also with tiles, stainless sink and with faucet and plumbing connections. Concrete stairway with steel handrail.  No need for anti-anay treatment. House is constructed purely with concrete materials. You don't have to hire an electrician because all bedrooms, living area and kitchen has at least 2 ready outlets for appliances, switches and socket.  All you have to do is bring a bulb and presto you have lights.  Easy floor tiles installation like vinyl and PVC tiles because flooring is plain cement finish already.  "Buhos" ang foundation ng bahay, not just hollowblocks. (See photos below.)  Don't miss viewing this truly incomparable townhouse.  You'll never see this kind of house with finishing at this very affordable price.

Cypress Townhouses can be avail thru bank housing loan. There is 10% required downpayment payable in 12 months. You can still buy a Cypress townhouse thru Cash Deferred Payment payable in 24 months Zero interest. Please seeOption 2 sample computation below. 
Contact Us

Sales Person.........  Boy Asuque
Cell No.................  +63918-716-1480
Yahoo Messenger:   propertymodel
Email Address.......   propertymodel@yahoo.com
Web Site..............   www.propertymodel.sulit.com.ph

Sample Compuation of Payments


OPTION 1 - Bank Financing  - 12 months to pay - No Downpayment - No Interest
  House will be Ready for Move-In on the 12th -13th month
Lot Area : 40 square meters Floor Area: 40 square meters

Selling Price:                       Php


Add:  Processing Fees:


Total Contract Price:


Less: Loanable to BDO Bank:


10% Required DP:


Less:  Reservation Fee:


Net Required DP:


Downpayment in 12 mos.


Bank Amortization to Start After 12 mos. 

20 yrs @ 10%



OPTION 2 - No Downpayment - No Interest
  House will be Ready for Move-In on the 6th month of payment 
Lot Area: 40 square meters Floor Area : 40 square meters 
Inner Lot 

Selling Price:                              Php


Add:  Processing Fees:


Total Contract Price:                    


Less:  Reservation fee:


Net Total Contract Price:


Monthly Payment for 24 months:


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Reservation - is Php10,000.00 for Pines Townhouses. It is not refundable but is part of the downpayment. Buyer can transfer to another unit provided under same developer and same price or price is higher than old unit. All payments made will be duly credited in the new choosen unit. Walang penalty or mawawala sa payment provided updated ang account at nasa downpayment period pa at hindi pa natake-out ng Pagibig ang loan. Just pay Php3,000.00 as transfer fee.

2. Monthly Downpayment - your first downpayment will start 30-45 days after you paid your reservation. Hindi po sabay ang pagbabayad ng reservation at first downpayment.

3. Monthly Amortization - the first monthly amortization will start after you have fully paid the downpayment. Hindi po magsasabay ang monthly downpayment at monthly amortization.


  • Month 1 - DAY 1.....Reservation
  • Day 7-15................Submission of Requirements at least within 60 days.
  • Month 2..................1st Monthly Equity or Downpayment
  • Month 3..................2nd Monthly Equity or Downpayment
  • Month 4.................3rd - 12th Monthly Equity or Downpayment
  • Month 13 - 15......1st Monthly Amortization and Estimated Turnover

4. Kailan Puede Lumipat 

For IN HOUSE Financing
On your 16th - 18th month of downpayment period and submission of full requirements (docs & postdated checks). No need for loan take-out. If the 80% balance is thru individual Pag-ibig Financing,  Move-in only after full payment of downpayment  or equity, payment of pretermination fee and Title cost transfer and full submission of requirements.

For BANK Financing
1.) On your 16th - 18th month of downpayment period. You'll still continue paying your downpayment up to the 24th month.

Ready for Occupancy Houses (RFO) - there are ready for occupancy house at PINES TOWNHOUSE.  RFO units are not included in extended payment scheme.  If ever there are available RFO houses, full DP must be paid in 4-6 months and loan has been taken-out by Bank before buyer can move-in. Please take note that house turn-over has only cement finish flooring in all floors. Buyer will shoulder the cost of tiles intallation.


Very Simple Requirements of Bank Financing


1.) 3 pcs. ID picture 1x1 (husband & wife & Attorney-in-Fact)
2.) 2 Valid ID's / Cedula (husband & wife & Attorney-in-Fact)
3.) Birth Certificate or Marriage Contract 
4.) Proof of Billing Address or Certification from Owner if Renting
5.) Income Tax Return or ITR (for Central Bank Purposes only.  The income stated will not be the basis of Loan Approval)
6.) Postdated Checks: 

Developer will give a Bank Referral Letter so Buyer can open a checking account. 

Only Php5,000 needed to open an account plus Php 375.00 for check booklet payment.

A.) 24 pcs. Downpayment or According to DP terms
B.) 36 pcs. for Amortization

If OFW, Add these Documents
1.) Passport
2.) Special Power of Attorney duly Consularized in place of Work

Requirements - Inhouse Financing


1.) Valid ID & TIN & Cedula (husband & wife & Atty. in Fact)
2.) 3 pcs. ID picture 1x1 (husband & wife & Atty. in Fact)
3.) Birth Certificate or Marrriage Contract 
4.) Certificate of Employment 

 If OFW, Please submit this:
1. Photocopy of Passport

Developer will give a Bank Referral Letter so Buyer can open a checking account.  Only Php5,000 needed to open an account.

A.) 30 pcs. as per Dp/Equity term choosen

B.) 36 pcs. for Monthly Amortization

C.) 1 pc. Guarantee Check

D.) 4 pcs. Real Property Tax for 5 yrs. or 9 pcs. for 10 yrs.


 We have daily schedule for viewing and trippings.
     Contact US for more information on house details.
 Guaranteed FREE  Tripping & House Viewing Assistance!

Free Tripping 

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Total Contract Price: Php 1,845,000.00
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Exequiel Asuque


Address: Las Pinas
Email: Send An Email
Mobile: 09187161480
Webpage: http://www.propertymodel.sulit.com.ph
Agent assumes all responsibility for listing this item.
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