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Lancaster Estates, Imus-General Trias Cavite Philippines
FOR SALE: House - Cavite > Imus

FOR SALE: House Cavite > Imus


MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite.  Ready for occupancy townhouses near Airport.  Save your rent and fare.  Manor townhouses is near St. Edward Integrated School, a La Salle supervised primary and secondary school.  This place is near to everything, mall, commercial area, hospital, church and amenties. Your children will love it here.Prepare to be surprised, you won't find a more complete finish townhouse in this price and location.  View today. And compare the difference in location, size, price and payment scheme.  Don’t let this opportunity pass by.

Dream big with little budget.  Before you buy, compare us with others to know the difference in....
  1. Size - Lot area: 40 sqm. House Area: 40 sqm. 2 storey townhouse.
  2. Location - Only 18 km. or 25 mins. from Airport, Mall of Asia, Baclaran, Pasay & Makati thru Cavitex Highway.
  3. Space - 3 bedroom w/partition, 1 toilet w/tiles, 1 garage. Painted finish inside & out. W/electrical outlet & socket.
  4. Price - Only Php 870,000.00 selling price excluding misc or processing fees.
  5. Low Downpayment & Charges - As low as Php 21,615.00 per month. No bank charges. No move-in fees.
  6. Flexibility of Payment - 10% down payable in 4 mos. No interest. Developer will process your bank loan.
  7. Simple Bank Requirements - No minimum salary bracket. No Payslips, Certificate of Employment. No Co-Maker.
  8. Access in Transportation - 24 hours bus & jeepney are available. Just one bus ride to Baclaran, Pasay, Makati & Lawton Manila.

For Inquiries & Reservation 

Project Overview

Facade - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport        Living Area - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport

Model Unit: Manor
Project Type: 2 Storey Townhouses
Village: Kensington Village.
Address: Lancaster Estates, Barangay F. Manalo (formerly Navarro), Gen. Trias, Cavite
Lot Area: 40 sqm. / Floor Area: 40 sqm.
Features: 3 bedrom, 1 toilet, 1 garage. Delivered with bedroom partition
Selling Price: Php 870,000.00 - up
Monthly Downpayment: Php21,615.00
Reservation Fee: Php7,500.00
Monthly Amortization for 20 yrs.: Php 8,574.00
Estimated House Turn-over (Bank): 2 - 4mos. after DP Term

Sample Computation - Bank & Inhouse

Live Chat
Don't be a victim of scams. Have peace of mind. Be safe. Protect your investment.
Always partner with a Licensed Real Estate Broker
About Downpayment & Amortization 

1. Downpayment and amortization will not be paid at the same time.
2. Downpayment will be paid first in 4 monthly installment.
3 The Amortization will only start after 4 months. After the downpayment term.

Important Reminders:                                                         

  • Limited availability.  Only few units available with this price.  Always ask if available. 
  • Corner and end lots have bigger areas, so price is higher by 10% or more.
  • Every block has different prices.  Price is higher for lots facing east, main road and near entrance.
  • Ready for Occupancy houses are in this payment scheme. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • Reservation fee, downpayments and amortizations are NOT refundable.  
  • But it is transferable to another unit provided under same agent and developer. Transfer Fee: Php 3,000.00.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.  Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Financing Requirements - Inhouse

  1. 3 pcs. ID picture
  2. 2 Valid ID & TIN & Cedula
  3. Marriage Contract
  4. Developer Forms (to be given during reservation payment)
  5. 70 pcs. Postdated Checks

Financing Requirements - Bank

  1. 3 pcs. ID picture
  2. Marriage Contract 
  3. 2 Valid ID & TIN & Cedula
  4. Proof of Billing
  5. Consularized SPA Bank Form (OFW Buyer)
  6. Good credit record. 
  7. 15 pcs. Postdated checks.

No checking account?

  • Developer will give a Bank referral to open a checking account.
  • Amount needed to open:  Php5,000.00 + Php375.00 for check booklet.

Housing Loan Qualification - Bank

  • Must be Filipino citizen.
  • If Buyer is a Filipino Immigrant, must have a Dual Citizenship.
  • Must be 18 yrs. - 50 yrs. Must not be more than 50 yrs. old.
  • Must be presently working.
  • No problem with marital status. No separated with wife or husband.
  • No pending legal cases.
  • No cancelled credit cards.  No credit card on amnesty. No unpaid loan account.

Housing Loan Qualification - Inhouse

  • Must be Filipino citizen.
  • Must be 18 yrs. - 50 yrs. 
  • If not working, must have Affidavit of Support

Accepted Kinds of Payment

Reservation Fee:  

  • Cash - Philippine Pesos
  • Personal Checks or Company checks or Managers Check
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards


  • Cash - Accepted for 3 months only
  • Postdated Checks - required for the remaining downpayment


  • Postdated Checks
  • Automatic Debit from Bank Account 

Buying Guide & Procedure 

1. Tripping Schedule.  Email, call, text or chat us for your viewing schedule if you want to visit and view the actual turn-over model unit and actual location. Any representative is allowed if you are not available. 

2. Price, Terms and Payment. After viewing the actual site and model unit, have a sit down discussion on price, terms and payment with our Sales Consultant. Ask for a sample computation and request for an explanation about the terms and process of payment.

3. Buying Decision. Choose the best location of block and lot no. from available unit base on our Sales Map.

4. Reservation Payment.  Pay the corresponding reservation fee. Reservation payment will finalize the buying process and ensure the chosen unit will be reserved in your name until the first downpayment is due.

5. Submission of Required Documents. There are list of documents that Developer will require from home buyers. This will be given during reservation and must be submitted within 60 days from reservation date. Delay in submission may cause delay in house construction and bank loan evaluation.

6. Monthly Downpayment.  This will start within 30-45 days from reservation date. Payment will be on monthly basis and will last until end of DP term.

7. Monthly Amortization. This will start after the downpayment term is paid.

8. Follow-ups and Updates.  For Profriends housing projects, they have Customer Service where home buyers can email or call.

Profriends Customer Service Email:  bsr.customerservice@profriends.com
Profriends Telephone Landline No.:  (632) 727-7000

  • Check your lacking documents or requirements
  • Wants to Change Due Date - Can only request once. Admin Fee: Php100.00
  • Wants to Change Unit or Ownership - must be done within 120 days from reservation date. Transfer Fee: Php3,000.00
  • Hold Check Request - must submit request 10 working days before due date. Holding Fee: Php100.00 
  • Verify Payments.  Request for a Payment Ledger.
  • Buyers may submit by scan email ID, cedula & passport.
  • Follow-up status of Bank Loan application.
  • Wants to know status of House Construction.
  • Update on House turn-over schedule or Move-in date.
  • House Inspection Date or request a Certificate For Inspection (CFI)
  • Other matters you want to know the current status.


  • Unit ID - Always indicate your Unit ID (Block & Lot of your house) in all emails sent to Profriends.
  • Accepted Signatories - Only signature / emails of Buyers or their Atty-in-Fact (SPA) are allowed/accepted.
  • Request Approval - Request approval may take 2-4 weeks.
  • Send Us Copy - Please don't forget to CC or send us copy of your email for future references.

9. House Inspection & Move-in.  You will notified thru letter/mail once your house is ready for inspection. Buyer will get this Certificate of Inspection (CFI) at the main office.

During inspection, you will list down all parts of the house you think needs retouch, repair or clearing. You will be asked to come back after few weeks for the second inspection. Once you see the unit is okey and acceptable, you may sign the acceptance certificate. Bring this certificate to the main office and go back to Engineering Office at site to get the key.

Please note:

  • No Certificate of Inspectin (CFI) is allowed.
  • Incomplete submission of documents, No Move-in is allowed.
  • The Homeowners Association Fee will start once you receive the Inspection Certificate regardless if you have not move-in or live yet in your unit.
  • Light and Water will be personally applied by the Home Buyer after he accepted the house and received the key.
  • There is a Construction Bond if Buyer decides to improve, construct, fence the unit. Amount vary depending on the project which range from Php6,000 - Php12,000.00. This is refundable after no damaged is done during construction period.

10. Congratulations!  On your new home.

Floor Plan and Dimension

Floor Plan Layout - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport    Floor Plan Layout - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport

Ground Floor:
  • Living, Dining & Kitchen: 10.85 sqm. (116.78 sq. ft.)
  • Bedroom 1: 6.20 sqm. (66.74 sq. ft.)
Second Floor:
  • Bedroom 2 (Master's): 7.05 sqm. (75.88 sq. ft.)
  • Bedroom 3: 6.30 sqm (67.81 sq. ft.)
  • Toilet and Bath: 2.45 sqm. (26.37 sq. ft.)

House Features & Finishes

  • 3 bedrooms with wall partition & ceiling
  • 1 toilet and Bath with tiles & fixtures
  • Pre-painted G.I. sheet roofing
  • Steel casement window
  • Painted plain cement finish interior & exterior walls
  • Tiled kitchen counter with stainless kitchen sink
  • Plain cement finish flooring for 1st & 2nd floor
  • Provision for 1 Car Garage, CATV, Telephone, Aircon

Construction Status: Ongoing. There are ready for occupancy Manor units. 
We also have other houses available in our website:  www. elegantdreamhouses.sulit.com.ph
Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HULRB) License to Sell No.: 21264

About Lancaster Estates
Now called a township, Lancaster Estates is a 1,000 hectare masterplanned community concept launched in March 2007. The biggest housing project in Cavite that starts in Kawit, then Imus and end up in General Trias, Cavite passing through Daang Hari Extension.  The development is well-crafted with a comprehensive planning system that includes a variety of housing types with each individual entrance gate in every villages, fully secured, controlled & guarded 24/7.   All villages are linked together by tree-lines streets and boulevard, network of paths & lush landscape, Lancaster Estates has attracted more than 4,000 residents.

Current access :

  1. Cavite Expressway (Cavitex)
  2. Patindig Araw in Bucandala, Imus Cavite
  3. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway - Tirona Highway

The Five Villages Under Lancaster Estates 

1. Lancaster Residences. Location: Imus. Offers Manor Townhouses with 3 bedroom (BR) 1 toilet (T&B). Price: Php 939,600.00 - up. DP: Php 21,615/mo.

2. Lancaster Villages Phase 1 & 2. Location: Kawit. Offers Single Attached houses with free linear park like Colleen House with 3BR / 2T&B. Price: Php 1,836,000.00 - up. DP: Php 13,966.67/mo. While Haven House has 4BR / 2T&B. Price: Php 2,232,360.00 - up. DP: 17,269.67/mo.

3. Kengsington Place Phase 1-10. Location: Gen. Trias. Offers Alice Townhouses with 3BR / 1T&B. Price: Php 918,000.00 - up. DP: Php 7,150.00 While Diana Townhouses has 3BR / 2T&B. Price: Php 1,296,000.00 - up. DP: Php 10,133/mo.

4. Sommerset Village Phase 1-10. Location: Gen. Trias. Offers 2 single houses with free linear park & fence at the back like Margaret House with 3BR / 2T&B. Price: Php 2,106.000.00 - up. DP: Php 16,216.67/mo. While Sophie House has 3BR / 2T&B in 80 sqm. lot area. Price: Php 1,745,000.00 - up. DP: Php 13,210/mo.

5. Manchester Village Phase 1-10. Location: Gen. Trias. Offers 2 single house models with free linear park and fence at the back like Gabrielle with 3BR / 2T&B. Price: Php 2,563,920.00 - up. DP: Php 20,032.67/mo. While Alexandra House has 4BR / 3T&B. Price: Php 2,970,000.00 DP: Php 23,416.67/mo.

Lancaster Estates Amenities

Church of the holy family - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport    Landmark - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport

Clubhouse - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport    Waiting shed - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport

St. Edward Integrated School- MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport    Transport bus service - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport

Why Choose Cavite?

  •   8th Top high performing provinces
  •   Strategic location
  •   Cavite has approved Development Plan.  Cavite is Flood-Free because there is no dam near Lancaster Estates.
  •   Major Infrastructure Projects  - are being pushed for implementation and completion to complement rapid urbanization.
  1. LRT Line 1 by approximately 11.7 km. from Baclaran to Bacoor.  
  2. (Read more..http://www.lrta.gov.ph/projl1_south.htm)
  3. R-1 Extension, Daang-Hari Road 
  4. (Read more...http://www.topgear.com.ph/news/construction-of-daang-hari-slex-road-to-begin-february-2012)
  6. (Read more.. http://www.dpwh.gov.ph/infrastructure/super_regions/lub/manila_cavite.htm)
Lancaster Estates Location Map

Vicinity Map - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport
Malls Nearby (kilometers)              
Robinsons Imus - 4.3 
SM Bacoor -  6.7 
SM Dasmarinas - 13.0
Festival Mall - 14.9
Mall of Asia - 16.9
Makati Business Center - 21.0

Places Nearby:
International Airport - 16.5 
MRT Edsa Taft - 18.2
Lawton- 22.2 
Tagaytay    - 34.1 

Hospitals Nearby: Kawit Kalayaan Hospital - 1.3 km.
Divine Grace Medical Center - 2.9 
Imus Medical Center - 5.2 
Our Lady of Pilar Hospital - 4.2 
St. Dominic Hospital - 8.6 
De La Salle Medical Center - 12.6 
Asian Hospital Alabang - 15.2 
How To Go To Lancaster Estates
These are only temporary routes.  Once the franchise to Lancaster Estates is approve by LTFRB, there will be direct busses, jeepneys, FX, UV Vans & Multicabs from most point of origin.

ROUTE 1 – From Cubao, Starmall Edsa, or Makati Via Baclaran:
Take a bus to BACLARAN.  From BACLARAN, ride on a bus to LANCASTER ESTATES taking the CAVITEX (Cavite Expressway).  Get off at LANCASTER ESTATES transport terminal. 

ROUTE 2 – From Lawton Direct:
Take a bus with LANCASTER ESTATES signboard via CAVITEX route.  Get off at LANCASTER ESTATES transport terminal. 

ROUTE 3 – From Alabang:
From Alabang- Zapote Road junction, board a mini bus or jeepney going to LANCASTER ESTATES taking the Tirona Highway route.  Get off at LANCASTER ESTATES. 
Master Development Plan

Master Plan - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport
Upcoming Facilities

1.  St. Edward Integrated School
2.  Transport Terminal
3.  Church
4.  Commercial Area (fronting the Church)
5.  Gas Station
6.  Wet & Dry Market
7.  Police Station

Actual Interior of Turn-Over

To keep price low, delivered unit has only plain cement flooring. But interior and exterior walls are all painted white, all bedrooms has partition, ceiling and ready electrical outlets, long span roofing, tiled toilet & bath with lavatory and bowl, tiled kitchen counter top.

Furnitures, tables, beds, chairs, chandelliers, appliances, all improvements are not included in the price of the house.  What we see in the actual turn-over is what we get.

Living area -MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport        Kitchen area - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport

Below:  The actual constructed townhouses come in cluster with 11 units. There is no balcony when unit is delivered. 

Bedroom 2 - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport        Toilet and bath - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport


Actual Interior Photos When Dressed-up Unit

All improvement and furnishings of dressed-up models are for presentation purposes only.  To give ideas on how to improve and furnish their unit. All expenses for the improvement shall be shouldered by the Buyer.

Facade - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport      Kitchen and Dining Area - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport 


Living Room and Dining Area - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport      Bedroom 1 - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport  


Bedroom 2 - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport       Toilet and Bath - MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear Airport

Make Your Reservation Now!  Don't delay!
Contact for Free Tripping: +63908-884-7387 or  +63917-530-5817

Contact Information About MANOR LANCASTER ESTATE Cavite Ready for OccupancyNear AirportContact Person:  Virgie Lazarte (Licensed Real Estate Broker)
Branch Manager:  Property Company of Friends, Inc. - Profriends, Inc.
Yahoo Messenger:  elegantdreamhouses
Email:  elegantdreamhouses@yahoo.com
Mobile Nos:  +63908-884-7387  or  +63917-530-5817  or  +63922-326-3286
See other House Models in Website:  www.elegantdreamhouses.com
See other House Models in Website:  www.elegantdreamhouses.sulit.com.ph
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